LUBE OIL AND FILTER                                                                                              $69.95

-Top up fluid levels

-Visual inspection of Brakes and hoses.


SERVICE I – 6 months/ 10,000 kms                                                                         $129.95

-Top up fluid levels

-Lube Oil and Filter

-Written report of Belts, Hoses, Air and Cabin filter

-Tires rotated. Reset monitors (if equipped)

-Brakes checked


SERVICE II – 12 months/20,000 kms                                                                       $239.95

-Top up fluid levels

-Lube Oil and Filter w/ Multi point inspection

-Written report of Belts, Hoses, Air and Cabin Filters

-Tires rotated. Reset monitors (if equipped)

-Front and Rear Brake Service (.9)


20,000 KMS or 1 YEAR

FRONT BRAKE SERVICE                                                                                             $64.95

REAR BRAKE SERVICE                                                                                                $64.95

40,000 KMS or 2 YEARS

BRAKE FLUID FLUSH                                                                                                $144.95

DECARBONIZE ENGINE(Direct injection)                                                           $274.95

50,000 KMS or 3 YEARS

INJECTOR SERVICE                                                                                                    $114.95

THROTTLE BODY SERVICE                                                                                       $129.95

70,000 KMS or 3 YEARS

TRANSAXLE CASE SERVICE(If equipped with 4WD)                                            $89.95

80,000 KMS or 4 YEARS

FRONT DIFFERENTIAL SERVICE(If equipped with 4WD)                                  $149.95

REAR DIFFERENTIAL SERVICE(If equipped with 4WD)                                     $169.95

TRANSMISSION SERVICE                                                                                         $119.95 +parts

TRANSMISSION BACKFLUSH                                                                                  $199.95

240,000 KMS or 5 YEARS

COOLING SYSTEM SERVICE                                                                                     $174.95

*Prices are based on a 4cylinder model using Dexos2 5W30 synthetic oil – GM Recommended. Extra charges will apply for larger engines and/or different oil. Services include Parts and Labour (unless specified). Taxes and Environment fees extra. Prices are subject to change.

Financial Services

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